Our Process

Search Discovery & Alignment
  • Meet with client to understand rationale
    for search, discuss process,
    and establish timelines
  • Elucidate key position duties,
    accountabilities, deliverables, leadership
    remit, and opportunities for impact
  • Define successful candidate profile:
    educational and experiential requirements,
    non-negotiables vs. value add skills
  • Examine company culture, values, vision,
    differentiators, and value proposition
Targeted Search Strategy
  • Conduct multi-dimensional research
    utilizing proprietary market intelligence
    services, professional networking forums,
    scientific societies, conferences,
    symposia and journals, governmental
    and health authority resources, etc.
  • Develop tailored search plan that
    accounts for domain/functional
    expertise, disease/scientific specialty,
    level, education, competitors/target
    companies, and geography
  • Mine a curated network of referral
    sources and potential candidates
Search Execution
  • Assemble dedicated search project team
    that includes: Partner, Recruiting Lead,
    Project Coordinator, Researcher
  • Mobilize project team to execute targeted
    search strategy
  • Perform thorough screening of experiential
    and cultural qualifications (standardized
    & search specific)
  • Maintain a “real time” cadence: submission
    of screened candidates while search
    activity continues
  • Provide balanced assessments outlining
    strengths, deficiencies, motivation,
    concerns, limitations
Submission, Reporting & Calibration
  • Provide thorough candidate evaluations
    that offer balanced assessment of strengths,
    deficiencies, limitations, and motivations
  • Provide weekly reports in addition to
    hosting biweekly meetings with client
  • Continuously refine/calibrate search
    parameters based on client feedback
    and input
  • Offer market/competitive intelligence
Client Interviews & Selection
  • Facilitate scheduling interviews and
    prepare candidates for client interactions
  • Follow up/debrief with candidates in
    order to assess ongoing interest
  • Follow up/debrief with client
    ensuring continuous alignment
  • Maintain candidate engagement,
    monitor interest, timelines, &
    competing opportunities
Offer Facilitation & Integration
  • Gather professional references and
    foster alignment between client and
    candidate expectations and needs
  • Pursuant to offer acceptance, counsel
    candidate through resignation and
    on-boarding process
  • Maintain close contact to ensure
    smooth integration
  • Conduct post-hire follow up with client
    and candidate to confirm
    mutual satisfaction

Search and Employ